NRCA ProCertification for Clay and Concrete Tile Systems Installers Has Launched

The National Roofing Contractors Association has announced experienced installers who demonstrate substantial skills and knowledge of clay and concrete tile roof systems can apply to become NRCA ProCertified Clay and Concrete Tile Systems Installers. The certification was developed with support from the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance. 

NRCA ProCertification is NRCA’s national certification initiative to create a competent, sustainable and high-performing roofing industry workforce. Certifications now available include NRCA ProCertified Asphalt Shingle Systems Installer, NRCA ProCertified Clay and Concrete Tile Systems Installer, NRCA ProCertified EPDM Systems Installer, NRCA ProCertified Thermoplastic Systems Installer and NRCA ProCertified Roofing Foreman.

 A roofing contractor’s certified workforce strengthens customer and supplier confidence; increases productivity; improves installation consistency and safety; enhances the company’s reputation and position in local markets; and increases profitability. Additional information about NRCA ProCertification is available at

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