Obituary: David Funderburk

LMCurbs announced that David Funderburk passed away July 18, 2021. His career in the roofing industry spanned more than 40 years. Funderburk started running the day-to-day operations of Longview Mechanical Contractors in the mid 1970s after his father retired. He started the LMCurbs division of Longview Mechanical Contractors in 1979 to manufacture roof curbs — his first passion, which led to an increased focus on the metal building industry.

David Funderburk sold each roof curb project and would personally deliver some of the projects on a flatbed trailer. He slowly transitioned the company from Mechanical Contracting into manufacturing and distribution over the span of the 1980s with a focus on the metal building industry. Products offered included roof curbs, skylights, louvers, smoke vents, roof hatches, and exhaust fans.

In the early 1990s, he met Rob Haddock and started distributing the S-5! product line, which added to the company’s growing portfolio of products. Funderburk started buying commercial metal building real estate properties to lease out, which marked the beginning of his second company and passion: D & R Investments.

Funderburk believed in metal buildings and metal roofing so much that he started buying land in the Longview Texas area to develop multiple business parks and would only build metal buildings. His legacy that he leaves behind is LMCurbs and D & R Investments that will thrive for many decades because of his hard work and dedication.

He was a loving husband to Kathy Funderburk, who he married in 1970. The couple raised two sons, Clint and Clay Funderburk, who have been involved with the company since they were 15 years old.

His hobbies consisted of commercial real estate and LMCurbs. Most people retire and head to the golf course or to a fishing hole. Not David Funderburk. He was always making deals happen.

According to the family, Las Vegas was David Funderburk’s favorite destination, especially when Las Vegas hosted METALCON. He attended the first METALCON in Washington D.C. and became an exhibitor at the event for the next 20 years.

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