OSHA-Compliant Temporary Guardrail System

Malta Dynamics introduces its OSHA Compliant Temporary Guardrail Posts. These guardrail posts are quick to set up, are compatible with standard two-by-four lumber, and are easily configured to adjust to your site and unique applications. The Malta Dynamics Temporary Guardrail System meets all industry standards set by OSHA for fall protection compliance.

Per the hierarchy of fall protection recommended by ANSI, employers should always first seek to totally eliminate a fall hazard. If eliminating a fall hazard is impossible, then the next best solution is usually to install a passive system, such as guardrail. 

“We hold ourselves accountable for the safety of your crew so they can go home safe when the work day is done. We also protect your company from compliance fines, penalties, accidents and injuries. Our temporary guardrails, like all our equipment, are designed with our commitment to guarantee that your work environment is comfortable, secure, safe and productive,” said Damian Lang, owner and CEO of Malta Dynamics.

The guardrail system can be used for ground-level or rooftop applications. The posts are lightweight, compact, freestanding, and ergonomic for easy setup and transportation. Each individual guardrail post is designed to support a single user and can handle a combined weight of up to 310 pounds. The guardrail posts are constructed with a galvanized steel base and are powder coated to prevent corrosion, extending equipment life.

Temporary guardrails can be placed where and when they’re required, and once installation or maintenance is completed, the individual posts can be quickly dismantled and stored for future use. This cost-effective fall protection solution is ideal for HVAC maintenance, roof replacement, short-term construction projects, plant shut-downs, and many other temporary needs. 

For more information, visit www.maltadynamics.com

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