Project Profiles: Education Facilities

Spellman College, Atlanta


Roofing Contractor: Roof Management Inc., Doraville, Ga.

Dover Black slate was installed with stainless-steel nails on the building.

Dover Black slate was installed with stainless-steel nails on the building.


The 14,000-square-foot reroofing project features 140 squares of Dover Black 18- by 10-inch slate.

“We tore off existing materials, which were fake slate,” explains Brad Prestridge of Roof Management Inc. “After this, we installed two layers of gypsum board with a 22-gauge steel deck underneath, mechanically fastened with 5/8-inch CDX plywood installed over the gyp board. Then we used a high-temp ice and water shield. Finally, we installed Dover Black slate with stainless-steel nails. All of the built-in integral gutters, valley, and wall flashing were made with stainless steel and we had to solder the joints.”

The availability of true non-weathering black natural roofing slate from domestic sources has virtually dried up with the closure of the Munson Quarry in Maine and the Pennsylvania black quarries decades ago. The only remaining high-quality domestic source is slate from Buckingham County, Va. Although it is one of the best slates in the world, price and availability can create obstacles, especially on larger projects without unlimited budgets.

Around 2001, Dover Unfading Black slate produced by CUPA was introduced to the market and has helped fill the void on projects, like Spellman College, where a specific and distinct look only achieved with a dark non-fading and non-weathering black slate is desired.

Slate Provider: Vermont Slate Co.
Ice and Water Shield Manufacturer: Mid-States Asphalt


The project took place from July to August 2015.

PHOTO: Vermont Slate Co.

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  1. Andrew Alexander | January 25, 2017 at 8:01 pm | Reply

    I was the Project Foreman on this job. Very proud to have been a part of it and thankful for the recognition!

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