PVC Roof System Protects New Clinic Campus on the Shores of Lake Michigan

Perched on Lake Michigan’s western shore, the new BayCare Clinic Lakeside Campus in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, offers patients sweeping water views alongside state-of-the-art medical technology and treatment options. BayCare Clinic locations can be found throughout northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and they offer expertise in more than 20 medical specialties. Construction began on BayCare Clinic Lakeside Campus in the fall of 2020 and by March 2021, the facility was ready for its roof.

The contractor, Northern Metal & Roofing, had recommended an 80-mil Slate Gray PVC single-ply roof from Versico Roofing Systems for the BayCare Clinic Lakeside Campus. An 80-mil PVC roof was more cost-effective than many of the other options, and because portions of the roof would be visible from the ground, Versico offered a Slate Gray PVC that fit the job’s aesthetic requirements. Versico’s 80-mil PVC membranes offer increased weatherability and puncture resistance.

The BayCare Clinic Lakeside Campus was topped with a Versico 80-mil PVC roof system in Slate Gray. Photos: Versico

Because the job would begin in March when the weather is still cold and windy, Northern Metal & Roofing recommended using the induction welding attachment method. Instead of glue or traditional fasteners and plates, induction welded systems use Versico fasteners and special isoweld Plates that are secured using a portable induction welding tool. The same fastener and plate are used to secure the membrane and insulation to the deck, creating an FM-approved system with no point of entry for moisture and better wind uplift performance than traditional mechanically fastened assemblies.

When the roofing portion of the project got underway in March 2021, the winter winds off Lake Michigan made the contractor’s job much more difficult. Northern Metal & Roofing began by installing three layers of 2-inch-thick VersiCore Polyiso Insulation. The insualtion was were secured to the metal deck using Versico fasteners and special coated isoweld Plates. Then they installed the 80-mil Slate Gray VersiFlex PVC membrane, welded the seams, and placed the induction welding tool over the isoweld Plates, which welded the plates and membrane together.

The 38,000-square-foot project took about five months to complete, and the new BayCare Clinic Lakeside Campus roof received a Total System Warranty after Versico inspected the installation.


Roofing Contractor: Northern Metal & Roofing, Green Bay, Wisconsin, northernmetalandroofing.net


Membrane: 80-mil Slate Gray VersiFlex PVC, Versico, versico.com

Insulation: VersiCore Polyiso Insulation, Versico

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