RICOWI Announces Deployment of Teams to Hurricane Michael

The RICOWI Board of Directors announced deployment of four teams to investigate the damage to roofs from Hurricane Michael in the Panama City, Florida area. This will be the sixth hurricane team deployment. The Wind Investigation Program (WIP) teams include wind engineers, roofing material specialists, insurance analysts, structural engineers, and consultants.

The WIP mission is to investigate the field performance of roof assemblies after major wind storm events, factually describe roof assembly performance and modes of damage, and formally report results of investigations and damage modes for substantiated wind speeds. A report will be generated and made available online at www.ricowi.com.

This program places experts in the field that have the required product knowledge and program training to ensure that sound, scientific and unbiased reporting occurs. The reports generated by RICOWI investigation teams are utilized to help educate all stakeholders and improve products, installation techniques, and safety. They are designed to help reduce overall roofing and insurance costs for the industry. The results will also provide a valuable resource to FEMA and state emergency management agencies.

RICOWI chairman David Balistreri stated: “RICOWI volunteers will provide factual information on the roof damage, based on wind speed and other data. Clearly, this information will improve the roofing structure, and greatly help the community in the long term.”

Prior to Hurricane Michael, RICOWI conducted five of the most comprehensive roofing investigations of hurricane-stricken areas: Hurricanes Charley (August 13, 2004), Ivan (September 16, 2004), Katrina (August 29, 2005) Ike (September 13, 2008), and a smaller investigation for Hurricane Irma (October 31, 2017).

For additional information about RICOWI, or assisting with sponsorships of this research, contact RICOWI’s Executive Director, Joan Cook, by phone at 330-671-4569 or via email at jcook@ricowi.com.

For more information, visit www.ricowi.com.


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