Roof Assembly Passes Severe Hail Classification

Gaco Western announces their roof assembly passes Severe Hail classification by FM Approvals. The GacoRoofFoam F2733 spray applied polyurethane foam coated with GacoFlex S2100 Cleanable Solvent-free Silicone Coating assembly was tested to meet: hail, wind uplift, corrosion, foot traffic, leakage resistance and accelerated weathering performance. Gaco’s is the only reflective silicone assembly to receive the Severe Hail classification. In addition, this assembly has the highest recycled content in the industry.

Building owners and design professionals are looking for a durable roofing solution. Gaco Western’s R & D team rose to the challenge to develop a system that stands alone and achieves a durability and toughness rating that eclipses other offerings in the reflective silicone coating market. The cleanability factor of GacoFlex S2100 adds to the longevity of this system as it maintains higher whiteness and solar reflectivity than other silicones.

FM Approvals certification is valuable to consumers because it means they can be confident they are getting a tested roof assembly, not a collection of products and parts that may or may not perform to expected levels. Severe Hail classification takes it a step further to give you confidence that Gaco Western offers a solution with strength and endurance.

Chuck Skalski, VP of Sales, GacoFlex commented, “Gaco is pleased to be providing our industry an FM Approved assembly that has been proven to withstand the most hail episodes. This is another testament to our commitment to innovation and providing solutions that last for many years.”

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