Roof Seamer Includes Tooling Conversion Kits

D.I. Roof Seamers' Universal KitD.I. Roof Seamers' Universal Kit

D.I. Roof Seamers' Universal Kit

D.I. Roof Seamers’ Universal Kit

D.I. Roof Seamers has released its “Universal Kit,” one roof seamer with tooling conversion kits to fit 1-, 1 1/2 and 2-inch roof panels and can be formed in 90- or 180-degree seamed profiles. Simply change the tooling on your job site to fit any panel you are working with. Bi-directional option available when seaming 90-degree profiles.

The machine is self-propelled with hands-free operation. Built with a durable 9 amp/115 volt/60 cycle electric motor, it is equipped with a quick-disconnect plug for added safety. It is recommended for use with 24-gauge panels only. The machine is exceptionally lightweight (37 pounds) and fast (34.2 feet per minute) and comes with a six-month manufacturer’s limited warranty. All roof seamers come with user-friendly owner’s manual.

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