Roofers’ Choice: Next-Generation Insulation Cuts Installation Time

Owens Corning introduces PINK Next Gen Fiberglas insulation, which features advanced fiber technology to enable up to 23 percent faster installation compared to the company’s existing products.

The advanced fiber technology of PINK Next Gen Fiberglas creates a tightly woven network of soft, fine fibers to form a super-resilient blanket of insulating micro-pockets. Leveraging several new technology innovations, the new product is safe for installers and residents and faster to install than competitive insulation products and spray foam insulation. Because no hazardous chemicals are required to be mixed on the install site, there is less potential for human error, increasing peace of mind for installers and residents.

“Contractors today have high performance expectations and extremely tight timelines,” said Joe Wagner, Insulation marketing director. “This product evolution is a significant step-change in meeting the needs of contractors, as well as installers, builders and homeowners.”

The product is designed to meet building codes and help professionals manage through tight labor timelines and budgets by reducing install time.

“PINK Next Gen insulation sets a new standard for insulation as the right choice for contractors, builders and homeowners,” Wagner added. “This is just the beginning of a series of ongoing innovations in 2021 and beyond that will enable Owens Corning to continue exceeding customers’ high expectations.” 

PINK Next Gen Fiberglas insulation is available in the United States and Canada.



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