Sheet Metal Supply, RHEINZINK Team Up to Win MCA Design Award for Residential Roof

(From left) Lisa England, Inside Sales Manager of Sheet Metal Supply; Ben Kweton, Vice President of Sheet Metal Supply; and Brian Partyka, Vice President of Carlisle Architectural Products, representing the Metal Construction Association.

Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. and RHEINZINK were among the winners in the Metal Construction Association (MCA) Design Awards presented at METALCON in Indianapolis in mid-October.

Sheet Metal Supply and RHEINZINK partnered to deliver the roofing and façade for a private retreat that includes five cabins on the forested shores of Lake Huron to win the Residential Roofing category.

“We are very proud to be a part of this project and chosen as a winner of the MCA Design Awards,” said Ben Kweton, Vice President at Sheet Metal Supply. “RHEINZINK was the perfect choice for this impressive lakeside getaway that certainly serves as a signature project for Sheet Metal Supply and RHEINZINK.”

The zinc panels provide a weather-resistant, self-healing and corrosion-resistant material that remains 100 percent recyclable at the end of its useful life.

“We are thankful to the MCA for recognizing this project as an exceptional metal design example, showcasing the natural beauty, sustainability and longevity of RHEINZINK’s architectural zinc,” said Charles (Chip) McGowan, president of RHEINZINK America. “We are grateful for our strong partnerships with Sheet Metal Supply and Alpro Sheet Metal, whose expertise and skill helped bring Booth Hansen’s design from concept to reality. Congratulations to all involved.”

Alex Prothman, owner operator at Alpro Sheet Metal of Barrie, Ontario, says, “We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work on a one-of-a-kind project like this. The RHEINZINK material was a pleasure to work with and the wonderful people at SMS put the cherry on top with easy communication and timely deliveries.”

The program recognizes MCA member companies who contributed products to 10 award-winning buildings. All projects highlighted the use of metal to enhance the design of the building.

MCA Design Award Winner – Residential Roof

Private Retreat, Lake Huron, Ontario

MCA Members: Sheet Metal Supply, RHEINZINK

Architect: Booth Hansen, Chicago

Metal Installer: Alpro Sheet Metal, Barrie, Ontario

Contractor: Thomas Young Builders, Richards Landing, Ontario

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