Terracotta Façade Systems


IMETCO adds TAJO natural clay-based cladding to its ventilated façade options, offering sustainability, energy efficiency, and the beauty of earth-made materials to facilities. The terracotta cladding from IMETCO and Favemanc is a versatile panel system with a wide variety of profiles, dimensions, colors, textures, and natural and glazed finishes for virtually limitless design options. 

TAJO panels can be seamlessly integrated into IntelliScreen complete rainscreen wall systems and can be easily field cut to ensure a perfect fit. This durable, easy-to-install cladding is designed with an internal chamber that provides additional strength while increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building. The TAJO ceramic ventilated façade system provides no contribution to fire and offers a safe option for multi-story residential projects. The organic origin of the clay ensures TAJO products have a low environmental impact throughout their entire cycle of life.

For more information, visit www.imetco.com.

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