TruNORTH Construction Announces Formation of Roofing Division

Jeff Sawyer and Matthew Powers, co-owners of TruNORTH Construction, announced the formation of the company’s roofing division. The duo established the commercial and residential renovation company back in 2017 and since then have taken on several roofing projects as part of larger scale initiatives. When they realized the volume of asks related to roofing repairs, installations and updates coming through, they recognized the potential of broadening their overarching business strategy. 

“We’d often run into roofing requests when working on broader projects with commercial and residential clients. Right away, we recognized the importance of securing GAF certification and making sure that our team was equipped to provide the necessary expertise. Eventually, we set our sights toward higher volume and providing somewhat of a specialty so as not to silo ourselves,” said Sawyer.

When TruNORTH Roofing formally launched, COVID-19 was in full effect and many questioned the team’s timing. “We’ve always believed that taking informed chances carry the strongest potential for positive ROI. We conducted the research, weighed the pros and cons, took the time to understand the unique risks that this year brought forth and recognized huge opportunity for making an impact. We want to continue setting a standard and providing a customer experience that we’ve become known for in the reno sector,” said Powers.

Additionally, the pandemic has increased the number of inquiries related to exterior projects. By marketing TruNORTH as a strong contender in the specialized arena, there is an increased likelihood of attracting the clientele that wouldn’t necessarily equate a known renovation company with a roofing expert, according to Sawyer. “We’ve dedicated similar marketing resources to the roofing division, treating it like a separate entity while leveraging the core brand and its reputation. We’ve opened ourselves up to a demographic that wouldn’t have historically come to us for a roofing project specifically, there’s definite benefits to that sort of market penetration,” said Sawyer.

“I’ve worked in roofing for years and Jeff got his start with a small roofing and siding company back in high school. We knew that we could take our 15 roofing jobs that we’d average each year and expand on that with the right focus. That’s when we started to lean more heavily into our targeting and so far, it has paid off,” added Powers. “It’s hard to say where we’ll land this year volume wise but so far, the leap of faith has been worth it.”

TruNORTH has recently received approval for a $7M office condominium project in Glastonbury, Connecticut. They’re scheduled to break ground in January of 2021 and the crew will handle everything from design to construction to roofing. As the business continues to excel, there is anticipation of more commercial and large-scale residential projects making their way across the desks. “We’ve been lucky and after a few strategic moves that have reaped positive results, we’re continuing to leave ourselves open to other possibilities. That is really at the center of our business strategy — we’re operating in the present while ruling nothing out when it comes to the future.”

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