Tubos Releases Animated Vent Pipe Extension Installation Video

Tubos, Inc., manufacturer of the popular Tubos line of pre-engineered vent stack extensions, has released an animated video detailing the speed, simplicity and potential time savings that using Tubos vent stack extensions can offer.

When insulation is added on a reroofing project to meet R-value requirements, vent stack heights, which are required by building and plumbing codes to be at a specific height above the surface of the roof, are effectively shortened, and frequently fall out of code compliance. Pre-engineered and patented Tubos pipe extensions are available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-inch diameters to accommodate most common vent stack sizes, and are fully compatible with both cast iron and PVC vent stacks. Each Tubos unit has a 6-inch internal splice sleeve that prevents water and moisture from leaking into the roofing assembly.

“Tubos units are designed to help roofing contractors do more with less,” said Kevin Morris, CEO of Tubos. “They are fast and simple to install, and can be a real productivity enhancer on the roof, particularly if there are multiple vent stacks to address.”

Tubos units are installed in four easy steps. Just measure, cut, seal, and flash and you’re done. Plus, each 28-inch long unit can be cut and used to extend two pipes, and extensions can be up to 16-inches long. They are ideal for use where a tapered system is added, or a new lightweight insulating concrete deck is being poured.

To view the video, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXT0szpWsjc.

For more information, visit https://tubos.biz.

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