Underlayment and Flashing Tape

Profol underlayment and flashing tape

Profol Americas, a global manufacturer of cast polyolefin films, formally enters the building and construction protective film market. Profol is introducing film solutions for underlayment and flashing tape film to the roofing and general construction industries. 

Profol’s films are custom engineered to meet specific needs for roof underlayment, PSA flashing tapes and other protective applications. According to the company, the films have excellent chemical resistance, provide a good moisture barrier, and can offer anti-skid properties.

Profol films are designed to protect your roof investment and extend product life. Roof underlayment protects areas that are prone to ice buildup and water ingress such as roof ridge vents, valleys and soffits. They also provide an anti-skid walking surface to increase worker safety during roof installation.

Pressure-sensitive tapes are ideal for stripping in or flashing window frames, door frames, house wrap and other construction seams. Profol film is converted into adhesive tapes that are suitable for sealing construction joints against air and water penetration. The film provides an excellent bond to a variety of adhesives.

“Building envelope contractors stake their reputations on every job they perform, so they can’t afford air or moisture ingress,” stated Profol New Business Development Director Mark VanSumeren. “Our versatile and customizable products offer assurance that their job will be done properly.”

For more information, visit https://www.profol.com

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