Wildfires Complicate Lake Tahoe Reroofing Project

The stunningly beautiful landscape of the Lake Tahoe area in Nevada has it all — lush forests, mountain views, and of course the picturesque waters of Lake Tahoe. Its residential neighborhoods are nestled throughout this gorgeous and sometimes unforgiving terrain.

Lake Tahoe is home for Tom Goldston Roofing, a family-owned business now run by its second generation. The Gardnerville, Nevada-based company has been serving northern Nevada residents and businesses for 24 years. Denny Goldston took over the company as president from his father, Tom, in 2018. Named by the local Record-Courier newspaper as the best roofing contractor in Carson Valley for 16 years running, Tom Goldston Roofing is recognized as a pillar of the community and a company that stands by its work.

“My family’s roots run deep in this community, and making sure our reputation is as pristine as the waters of Lake Tahoe is a priority for the company,” said Denny. “From preparing bids, doing the work, and even performing maintenance on roofs we’ve installed decades ago, we always go over the top to service the people in our community.”

In 2021, Tom Goldston Roofing was hired for a residential reroof in historic Genoa, Nevada’s oldest town, founded in 1851. The project was very straightforward — a single layer tear-off, 68-square reroof on the house, as well as a 28-square garage reroof. The old roof was worn and slippery, but nothing the Tom Goldston Roofing crew hadn’t seen and dealt with before.

For the homeowner, the look of the finished roof had to be flawless. The homes in this upscale Genoa neighborhood set a high bar for aesthetics — from roof ridge to landscaping in the front lawn. A shingle with a unique, high-end appearance was desired. Of course, installation had to be impeccable.

Design Concerns

Environmental considerations for this home were significant. Snow load had to be addressed in order to manage an average snowfall exceeding 29 inches per year. High winds topping 100 mph are frequent, with the nearby Sierra Nevada and Carson mountain ranges funneling weather into the region.

Based upon his experience, Denny recommended the Paramount Advantage line of architectural asphalt shingles from PABCO Roofing Products. This top-of-the-line shingle is engineered to be thicker and heavier than most other shingles, making is tough enough to stand up to Lake Tahoe winds and snow. The heavyweight Paramount Advantage met all of the functional requirements for the job, including UL790 Class A fire resistance and a limited lifetime warranty.

To address snow load, a combination of ice and water underlayment and synthetic underlayment was used. A single layer of underlayment would be installed on all roof walls and valleys.

The visual look of Paramount Advantage equaled its functional performance. Manufactured with a unique signature cut, open-tooth design, the Paramount Advantage shingle was the ideal choice to meet the homeowner’s aesthetic needs. The bold shingle design in classic black made the home a neighborhood showpiece.

“No one is ever disappointed when they buy Paramount Advantage and the completed roof is always something homeowners take a lot of pride in,” explained Denny. “The look of this shingle is gorgeous, it’s very high end. And the performance of this shingle, even in the demanding weather of western Nevada, is second to none.”

Challenging Conditions

The project kicked off in August. That’s when Mother Nature made her presence known to the Tom Goldston Roofing team. The 221,000-acre Caldor Fire was raging along the California-Nevada border at that time. Southwesterly winds pushed heavy smoke into the Lake Tahoe area. At the project site in Genoa, thick smoke limited visibility to less than 50 feet for the Tom Goldston Roofing crew.

Safety protocols at Tom Goldston Roofing are crystal clear — the onsite foreman has complete responsibility for the safety of the crew and absolute authority over work progress and even project stoppage. At the Genoa site, 20-year veteran foreman Chris Monroy assessed the hazard. With the frequent presence of choking smoke and the occasional falling of burning embers onto the work zone, the 20-year veteran foreman knew the project had to be halted during the course of multiple days during the tear-off phase. In all, delays from the Caldor Fire doubled the estimated work time from two to four weeks.

“Our team is made up of friends and family, and they’re our most important asset,” stated Denny. “Stopping work on the project and making sure our people were safe was absolutely the right call, no matter how long the delays.”

Once the project was complete, thanks to the understanding and patience of the homeowner and skill of the Tom Goldston Roofing team, the end-result was spectacular. The new roof enhanced the look of a stunning home and will protect the structure beneath for years to come.


Roofing Contractor: Tom Goldston Roofing, Gardnerville, Nevada


Asphalt Shingles: Paramount Advantage architectural shingles, PABCO Roofing Products, pabcoroofing.com

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