OMG Roofing Website Is Expanded to Include German Language

In order to support its growing business in central Europe, OMG Roofing Products has expanded the roofing website to include a German language micro-site. The German pages join the company’s existing list of micro-sites that support its business in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and China. The site contains product information, technical data and language specific literature as well as access to the company’s list of videos, calculators and other content. In addition, product information on these micro-sites is presented with metric sizing and weights.

All of the language specific micro sites can be accessed from the OMG home page by clicking on the requisite country flag in the upper right corner of the site.

App Generates Real-time Fall Clearance and Swing Fall Calculations

The Miller Fall Clearance App from Honeywell

The Miller Fall Clearance App from Honeywell

Optimize your safety when working at heights with the new Miller Fall Clearance App from Honeywell for Apple or Android mobile devices. Use the Miller Fall Clearance App to generate real-time critical fall clearance and swing fall calculations for self-retracting lifelines and shock-absorbing lanyards. The app includes multilingual support in English, Spanish and French with metric conversions and even allows you to email the results. Optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, the app is available on Google Play or iTunes.