OMG Roofing Products Has Logged More than 2.4 Million Safe Miles

OMG Roofing Products has announced that the company’s sales force logged more than 920,000 “safe” miles during 2014. Through its “Think Safe Drive Safe” program, the company defines “safe” miles as those without accidents, citations or call-ins.

The Think Safe Drive Safe program was instituted in 2010, and requires all participants including the company’s international sales representatives to successfully complete two online training modules—a Defensive Driving Course and a Distracted Driving Course—and sign a “Safe Driving Promise” indicating their commitment to complying with the company established performance requirements.

“OMG’s number one priority is the health and safety of our employees,” says Matt Fuller, environmental health and safety manager for the company. “Highways have become increasingly dangerous and represent an area of high risk to our field sales teams, and their primary responsibility while on the road is the safe operation of those vehicles. The safe driving program includes policies regarding seatbelt use, safe speed, distracted driving and driving while impaired. We’re pleased with the results of this program and also with the focus that it brings each and every day to our team on the road.”

Since the program was first established, the existing sales force has logged more than 2.4 million safe miles.