Papers Sought for Eighth Symposium on Research Roofing and Standards Development

Papers are invited for the Eighth Symposium on Research Roofing and Standards Development, which will be held Dec. 6, 2015, at the Marriott Tampa, Fla. Sponsored by ASTM International Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing, the symposium will be held in conjunction with the committee’s standards development meetings.

The symposium provides a forum for contributing to the fundamental understanding of acceptable roof performance with the primary emphasis being current research and development work. The symposium will center on the influence of laboratory and field investigations in the development of standards for roofing and waterproofing materials and systems.

The symposium is intended to address topics describing research and standards development for low- and steep-slope roofing systems, including the following:
• Polymer-modified and conventional built-up bituminous roofing
• Self-adhesive membrane roofing
• Liquid-applied membrane roofing
• Synthetic single-ply roofing systems
• Spray polyurethane foam roofing systems
• Metal roofing systems
• Roof edge systems
• Performance of shingles, tiles and other steep roof coverings
• Wind and fire resistance
• Air and moisture movement in roofing systems
• Cool roofing, vegetative (green) roofing and solar
• Energy-efficient roofing
• Technology of roof coatings
• Hygrothermal simulations/modeling
• Roof system durability and service-life prediction
• Roofing in a sustainability era
• Roofing retrofit
• Advances in waterproofing
• Advances in adhesion technology for synthetic and bituminous roofing
• Advances in low-sloped roofing and its components

To participate in the symposium, presenters/authors must submit a 250- to 300-word preliminary abstract by April 8, 2014. The abstract must include a clear definition of the objective and approach of the work discussed, pointing out material that is new and presenting sufficient details regarding results. The presentation and manuscript must not be of a commercial nature nor can it have been previously published. The symposium co-chairmen will notify the presenters/authors by Sept. 8, 2014, of their paper’s acceptability for presentation at the symposium.

Abstracts may be submitted online.