Preassembled Heating Cable Protects Roofs, Gutters

The FrostGuard heating cable protects roofs and gutters against ice dams and icicle build up.

The FrostGuard heating cable protects roofs and gutters against ice dams and icicle build up.

Pentair has launched a contractor-grade preassembled heating cable from Raychem. FrostGuard is a system which protects roofs and gutters against ice dams and icicle build up and reduces the risks of freezing and bursting within pipes.

Ideal for small roofs, porches and overhangs as well as metal and plastic pipes, FrostGuard brings several advancements. The cables can be overlapped without causing hotspots or burnouts, offering performance and is available in eight pre-terminated lengths that may plug in to a 120V outlet, allowing installations to be tailored to meet specific requirements. Available as a plug-n-play system, FrostGuard works to prevent structural damage and an unsafe environment that can occur as a result of snow accumulation. In addition, FrostGuard can be hardwired (240V) and includes self-regulating technology to ensure heat is only emitted when and where needed, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Pentair Launches Heat-tracing Content Add-in for BIM Software

A provider of industrial heat-tracing systems, Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions, has launched a software add-in for the Autodesk Revit platform. Trace-It 1.1 is a comprehensive suite of new tools, available for free download that allows users to easily incorporate heat-tracing content into their BIM (Building Information Modeling) models. This optimizes efficiencies and performance, saving time for designers and lowering costs for building owners.

Raychem Trace-It 1.1 allows for graphical placement of controls and connectors for visual space planning to help select the optimal Raychem product for the application. The new tools offers a more accurate bill of materials for a wider and more complex range of pipe networks than the original version, further simplifying project planning and installations to significantly reduce raw materials. In an effort to best tailor the software to each user, the upgrade version also allows customers to open customized specifications, create a Revit schedule or place critical Revit families into their project.

Last year, Pentair introduced BIM content for heat-tracing solutions, including BIM families and the dynamic Raychem Trace-It Revit add-in for winter safety applications and hot-water maintenance. In addition to the add-in, Pentair developed a group of families for ramp heating and surface snow melting, and roof and gutter de-icing. Each family includes design guides and product information to assist with the design of the heat-tracing system.

“As a pioneer in the global heat-tracing industry, we believe it’s important to assist our customer base with platforms that can bring ideas from concept to construction, comments Steve Peck, marketing manager for Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions division. We continuously try to develop the tools and products our customers need to make their projects run up as smoothly as possible. Our new Trace-It upgrade offers a range of additional functions that do just that.”