Snow-retention Solution for Almost Any Metal Roofing Profile

X-Clip from S-5!

X-Clip from S-5!

X-Gard snow-retention solution from S-5! can be designed as a one- or two-pipe system spanning up to 48 inches. X-Gard is mechanically attached with patented round-point setscrews, gripping seams securely without penetration or damage to the panel’s protective finishes. Two clamps with each bracket and the unique shape of the NEX 2.0 pipe enables a properly installed X-Gard system to provide a reliable snow-retention solution in a wide variety of situations. The X-Clip is an aluminum component that slows the migration of snow and ice beneath the X-Gard NEX 2.0 Pipe. Its integrated rubber “foot” prevents abrasion of the panel’s finish.

S-5! and LM Curbs Celebrate 20 Years of Collaboration

S-5!, a provider of attachment technology for the metal roofing industry, celebrates its 20-year association with LMCurbs, a single-source supplier of metal roofing accessories. Impressively, LMCurbs has sold more than 8 million S-5! product components during that time.

According to S-5! CEO, Rob Haddock, when it comes to attaching metal roof applications, “S-5! and LMCurbs have maintained a successful relationship because of our mutual commitment to genuine innovation and the highest quality standards.”

VP of Marketing at LMCurbs, Clint Funderburk, agreed wholeheartedly, saying: “Partnering with S-5! has really proven to be a jointly-profitable business venture. Each member on our carefully selected team represents the highest level of expertise in their respective skill. So what we’re finding at LMCurbs is that architects and contractors look to us for answers when it comes to finding solutions for the most challenging aspects of metal roofing applications. We, in turn, are able to provide them with truly innovative and unique attachment solutions by S-5!”

LMCurbs was the first distributor to carry the world-renown S-5! ColorGard bar snow-retention system and was also the first to carry the globally popular S-5-PV Kit for mounting solar. LMCurbs distributes the full line of S-5! products, including the two newest S-5! innovations, the X-Gard pipe snow retention system and the Utility System.