Tectura Designs Adds Paver Manufacturing Facility for More Color-blending Options

Tectura Designs, a manufacturer of concrete rooftop and on-grade pavers for commercial architecture, has added an expansive paver manufacturing facility that gives architects and designers new color-blending options, sizes and custom capabilities.

Tectura Designs’ new paver manufacturing facility spans 100,000 square feet and substantially increases production speed and capacity while providing high-performance products. The facility features machinery that offers:

  • A range of color options, four-color blending for one-of-a-kind gradients, and an exclusive standard palette.
  • More than 60 standard sizes, including large, thick profiles and a vast range of custom options.
  • An extensive array of styles, finishes and surface textures.
  • Self-spacing lugs available for every paver to cut installation time and cost.
  • A huge library of samples and aggregate combinations to choose from.
  • H-20, H-25, HS-20 and HS-25 loading capabilities for light and heavyweight vehicular traffic.

“We’ve made strong, long-lasting concrete pavers for more than 40 years, and now we’re giving our customers even more creative control,” says Rodney Dombrowski, paving division manager for Tectura Designs. “As we’ve started to tell architects about what this new facility can do for them, they can barely contain their excitement. I’m really looking forward to seeing what some of our customers can do with these new capabilities.”

In addition to manufacturing beautiful, durable pavers—which offer unique design elements, such as blasted glass and recycled porcelain—Tectura Designs has also developed an innovative system for securing rooftop pavers. Tectura’s Lok Down product is a proprietary pedestal system that’s tested to withstand wind speeds of more than 145 miles per hour, making it an ideal solution for areas in which tall buildings experience strong wind uplift forces.

Tectura Designs, a Wausau Tile Inc. brand, also manufactures one-of-a-kind site furnishings, custom precast concrete installations, terrazzo tile and custom precast terrazzo. Those products can be found on Main Streets across the country and at iconic destinations, such as Mount Rushmore, the U.S. Capitol or the Guggenheim Museum.

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