Bright White Granulated Membranes

GAF introduces RUBEROID and GAFGLAS EnergyCap Bright White Granulated membranes. The new surfacing replaces the previous coated membrane version with a new premium bright white solar reflective granule to help address cool roof initiatives across the country while also combining the durability of modified bitumen with the aesthetics of a solar reflective bright white surfaced roof.

A bright white granulated surfacing brings an added benefit of long-term solar reflectivity to a building, and can help improve overall performance of the total roofing assembly by maintaining the roof cap sheet at a lower surface temperature than a standard white granule surfacing treatment.

This improvement can also help make installation easier for contractors by allowing for simplified side and end lap embedment improving adhesion and loose granule application on lap bleed-out. The EnergyCap membranes can be used in heat-welded (torched), cold asphalt, or hot-mopping asphalt applications and are FM Approved (refer to for specific assemblies), Classified by UL in accordance with ANSI/UL 790 (refer to UL Product iQ for specific assemblies), and rated with the Cool Roof Rating Council for their reflective properties.

To comply with the requirements of the California Energy Code, Title 24, an Ultra Bright White version is also available. These products will be manufactured on a made-to-order basis. 

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