Duro-Last Completes PVC Extruder

Duro-Last Inc. announced the completion of a PVC extruder located in its Saginaw, Mich. manufacturing facility.

The announcement was made by Duro-Last CEO Tom Saeli and Mildred Burt, wife of founder John R. Burt, during a company-wide meeting. This investment comes as part of Duro-Last’s commitment to continue to manufacture high-quality roofing systems.

“Duro-Last has been a manufacturer of PVC roofing systems since our inception in 1978. We have built a new PVC sheet extruder to allow us to handle increased demand for our products,” says Saeli. “We are enthusiastic about making this investment here in Saginaw and believe that investing in technologically advanced manufacturing in the U.S. is the right thing to do.”

Duro-Last is the material of choice for high-quality, low-slope roofing. Our PVC roofing membranes are durable, serviceable, flame-resistant, highly flexible and recyclable. Duro-Last manufactures and sells complete PVC roofing systems with a broad range of products to satisfy all types of low-slope roof requirements. Duro-Last has manufacturing operations in Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, and Oregon, and distribution centers in New York and Ontario.

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