Generator Handles a Host of Tools, Equipment and Jobs

Yamaha Motor Corp.'s EF6600DE/D generatorYamaha Motor Corp.'s EF6600DE/D generator

Yamaha Motor Corp.'s EF6600DE/D generator

Yamaha Motor Corp.’s EF6600DE/D generator

Yamaha Motor Corp. has added the EF7200DE/D generator to replace the EF6600DE/D model. The new model offers additional wattage, run time, standard accessories, and a host of features and benefits at a new, lower price.

The EF7200DE/D offers customers Yamaha’s trusted reputation in an-all new generator designed to make on-the-job activities hassle-free plus offering a host of extras including fold-down locking handles and wheels which come standard on both models as well as a 3-year residential and commercial warranty. The battery is standard equipment on the electric start model.

The push-button start on the EF7200DE sparks the 358cc engine to life with little effort while the recoil starter with auto decompression makes for an easy pull start on the EF7200D. With eight hours run time at full load, the EF7200DE/D offers 18-percent longer run time than the previous model. The three-year warranty is the same regardless of use – residential or commercial – and an extended service warranty (Y.E.S.) for an additional one, two or three years is available when purchased through Yamaha dealers. The digital hour/volt meter shows total run time and voltage output, which makes keeping track of service intervals a breeze.

Offering full power, full time 120/240 dual voltage, the EF7200DE/D will quickly become your favorite assistant handling a host of tools, equipment and jobs including:

· Welders
· Lights
· Cutters and benders for rebar
· Battery charging for cordless tools
· Vacuums
· Circular saws
· Grinders
· In-home power appliances and refrigerators
· Backup power for emergency situations
· Use by municipalities for fire and rescue

The EF7200DE weighs in at 234 pounds while the manual start version comes in at 212 pounds. Both feature a rugged design with full roll cage protection for heavy jobs. The Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI) senses a leak to ground to reduce the risk of shock.

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