Max Chemical Becomes Trademark Licensee of Kynar Aquatec

Arkema Inc. has announced that Max Chemical Inc. is now a trademark licensee of Kynar Aquatec high-performance coating technology in North America. Max Chemical uses Kynar Aquatec PVDF latex as the basis for its Crossco MaxWhite ultra-durable roof coating product.

“Max Chemical has been providing quality products to builders, developers, contractors and hardware stores in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for more than 30 years and we are delighted to welcome them to our family of Kynar Aquatec PVDF licensees,” said James Feorino, global market manager at Arkema. “Our licensing program provides a growth platform for strong regional roof coatings brands, such as Crossco MaxWhite, by capitalizing on the performance-enhancing benefits of our advanced emulsion technology.”

Kynar Aquatec high performance coating technology is an innovative platform of emulsions that enable formulators to produce ultra-durable water-based coatings with low VOC levels below 100 grams/liter. Coatings formulated with these emulsions provide the durability and performance of traditional Kynar 500 resin-based coatings and can easily be applied to a variety of substrates. Given their low-VOC waterborne character, excellent weatherability and ability to be formulated with IR reflective pigments for lasting building efficiency, the Kynar Aquatec emulsions offer sustainable coating solutions for a wide variety of building requirements.

“We are pleased to become an official licensee of the Kynar Aquatec PVDF emulsion for our Crossco MaxWhite roof coating as we are always striving to embrace innovative technology to differentiate our products,” said Ignacio Cotto, technical director at Max Chemical. “This agreement gives us important advantages in terms of material, supply and support, and we will be able to provide our customers with a sustainable, long-life roof coating with outstanding durability, low maintenance and high thermal reflectivity.”

Designed for application as a protective topcoat, Crossco MaxWhite coating formulated with Kynar Aquatec PVDF provides exceptional performance in thermal reflectivity, color stability and weather resistance over new or existing roof surfaces. This innovative coating product exhibits strong adhesive characteristics and dries to a tough, durable finish that withstands years of wind, rain, dust and heat exposure. Crossco MaxWhite is available through Pro-Seal Distributors in Puerto Rico and through CTI Imports Inc. in Florida.

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