Mobile 360-Degree Rotating Overhead Fall Protection Anchor

Malta Dynamics offers its new X500 Free-Standing Anchor mobile fall protection unit that offers a 360-degree rotatable arm with an overhead anchor point. Perfect for loading and unloading applications, the free-standing unit provides a mobile 20-foot-high overhead anchor point that can always remain positioned above a user working on an elevated surface, providing tie-off for fall protection while minimizing swing fall hazards.

“We’re excited to add the X500 to our lineup of mobile fall protection solutions,” said Damian Lang, owner and CEO of Malta Dynamics. “The 360-degree rotatable arm gives workers the ability to move around while maintaining direct overhead tie-off at all times, which is ideal for fall safety. This new unit is compact, flexible, and easy to transport and set up at just about any jobsite where workers could be exposed to fall hazards.”

The X500 fall protection system offers quick, simple field assembly with bolt-together components and is rated for user assembly with minimal equipment required. The unit features built-in leveling jacks to accommodate any jobsite, forklift pockets for easy mobility, and a multi-position boom lock to provide a fixed-position arm when needed. The unit has a 5-foot-square footprint, weighs 5,900 pounds, and its steel construction with tough powder coat finish is made in the USA.

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