NRCA Releases 2024 Roofing Manual Volumes and Boxed Set

The National Roofing Contractors Association has released The NRCA Roofing Manual: Metal Panel and SPF Roof Systems—2024 to provide the roofing industry with the most comprehensive information about the metal panel and spray polyurethane foam roof systems used in low- and steep-slope applications. The new volume updates the 2020 volume under the same title and serves as a reference for contractors, architects and roof consultants.

The manual consists of two sections: Metal Panel Roof Systems and SPF Roof Systems. The Metal Panel Roof Systems section includes guidelines applicable to metal and metal panel roof systems, substrates, architectural metal panel systems and structural metal panel roof systems in addition to 120 construction details. The SPF Roof Systems section includes information about materials, design considerations, application and design guidelines, as well as 72 construction details, including SPF details for reroofing and roof systems with fleece-backed membranes. Appendixes address code requirements specific to metal panel and SPF roof systems.

The NRCA Roofing Manual: Metal Panel and SPF Roof Systems—2024 is best used with the other volumes of The NRCA Roofing Manual: The NRCA Roofing Manual: Membrane Roof Systems—2023; The NRCA Roofing Manual: Architectural Metal Flashing and Condensation and Air Leakage Control—2022; and The NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope Roof Systems—2021. 

In addition, The NRCA Construction Details: CAD Files—2024 has been updated to reflect Construction Details found in the 2024 Manual Boxed Set and The NRCA Roofing & Waterproofing Manual Anthology has been updated to include The NRCA Roofing Manual: Metal Panel and SPF Roof Systems—2020.
The 2024 volume and boxed set can be purchased in hardbound versions or downloaded free of charge to NRCA members at

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