Pneumatic Framing Nailer

SENCO launches its latest built-in-the-USA pneumatic framing nailer. The SENCO FN81T1 fires full round head nails and features more power, improved durability, and better ergonomics than comparable framing nailers. 

The FN81T1 follows the launch of the FN91T1, SENCO’s 34-degree framing nailer that became available in June. Both nailers are assembled at SENCO’s Cincinnati production facility, where most of the company’s nails and staples have been manufactured and distributed for decades.

The new FN81T1 fires 20-degree, plastic-collated, full round head nails. The previously launched FN91T1 fires 34-degree, paper tape-collated, offset round head or clipped-head nails. The nailers are sold separately through SENCO’s extensive network of distributors in North America.

 “The launch of the FN81T1 brings the benefits of SENCO’s new framing nailer design to users of one of the most common types of collated framing nails,” said Ryan Schuler, product manager for SENCO’s rough construction tools. “Everyone can now experience the new standard in framing, regardless of which type of nails are available on the jobsite.”

The FN81T1 is designed to consistently sink 2-inch to 3-½-inch framing nails in dense engineered lumber like LVL and OSB without slowing down. Weighing in at 8.75 pounds and featuring durable magnesium magazine and a body and belt hook made from heavy-duty aluminum, the FN81T1 is built to take abuse. 

However, SENCO’s US-based engineers also designed the FN81T1 to be exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable to use all day. An overmolded rubber grip prevents slipping and reduces fatigue from recoil, and an in-line magazine improves balance and creates a clear line of sight for more accurate nail placement. 

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