Structural Side Lap Connection System for Steel Roof Decks 

ASC Steel Deck, a manufacturer of steel roof and floor deck, unveils its new structural side lap connection system, the DeltaGrip DG4 Tool. This powerful, lightweight pneumatic tool represents a significant advancement in steel deck installation, utilizing a highly effective quadruple punch through three layers of steel to deliver a durable punch crimping action that interlocks the connection between deck panels at the side laps. This creates a permanent, durable connection that is significantly stronger than a screwed side lap and comparable to a welded side lap connection. The system’s strength resists longitudinal movement and vertical separation under wind, seismic, or construction loads.

Compared to the previous DeltaGrip generation, the re-engineered DG4 Tool boosts connection strength by up to 26% and stiffness by up to 48%. The tool’s optimized four-tooth punch and strengthened steel frame generate 35% more crimping force, amplifying the punching forces to form an incredibly secure mechanical connection between panels. An end-of-cycle air dump valve reduces cycle times by 17% across all steel gauges. Upgraded components like braided air lines and a rugged handle further improve reliability in the field.

The DeltaGrip DG4 Tool maintains the same trusted and easy pneumatic actuation as the original tool and is compatible with all ASC Steel Deck interlocking roof deck profiles. DG4 slashes labor costs by installing faster than screws and eliminates the need for welds. Without the need for side lap fasteners, it also eliminates related material expenses. The effortless pneumatic operation is more efficient than manual punching or welding. The clean mechanical connection eliminates unsightly screws or welds in exposed applications and does not require post-installation cleanup.

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