Toolbox Features Built-in Rechargeable Battery, LED Floodlights, Pass-through Power and More

The CoolboxThe Coolbox

The Coolbox

The Coolbox

The Coolbox is a reinvention of the classic toolbox. The Coolbox features all of the classic storage and compartments you would want but with a modern twist to keep up with the times.

Features of the Coolbox include:

  • Bluetooth speakers: Rather than bringing an external outdoor speaker set, these marine-grade speakers are built right into your Coolbox and are designed to withstand harsh outdoor working environments. The speakers are accessible via Bluetooth, or via the auxiliary jack for any devices that do not have Bluetooth built in. They are high quality with volume capacity designed to cut through the noise of a busy job site.
  • USB ports: Two USB ports are built into the front panel. Charge your phone, mp3 player or any other device that is running low on power.
  • LED lighting: The 270 degree LED floodlights are designed to help you find the right tool within the Coolbox, and then be able to use it. With lights placed on the inside and out, the Coolbox can easily light up dark areas. Many times external lights are hand held and difficult to balance. The lights on the Coolbox allow you to use both hands while working at night. These lights are useful in emergency and power outage situations where light is crucial but power is not available.
  • Whiteboard: Be it writing a to-do list, measurements, project dimensions or anything else, the dry-erase board provides a surface for jotting down these important notes. The whiteboard is also removable so you can leave your Coolbox behind but take your notes with you.
  • Internal storage: With Coolbox, you can store your tools just like any other toolbox. Fit every tool inside with the 1797.12-cubic-inch capacity.
  • Dual handles: The Coolbox gives users the option to carry from both sides so that it can be picked up and carried using proper techniques and avoiding unnecessary muscle strains.
  • Wheels: The Coolbox wheels are ideal for those that have difficulty carrying objects, or for the end of a project when carrying a heavy toolbox is too much to handle.
  • Tablet stands: Tablets are great for displaying instructions, schematics or blueprints without needing to worry about paper blowing away. They are also great for playing music via Bluetooth connection and keeping you entertained. Coolbox’s tablet stands are located on the lid and inside the box so that you can use your tablet with the Coolbox lid open or closed.
  • Clock: Rather than having to pull your phone out of your pocket, or risk damaging your watch while working, our LCD clock makes it easy to keep track of time. The screen also displays the battery level so you can know when it’s time to plug the Coolbox in to top up the battery. The screen is conveniently located next to the bottle opener.
  • Internal battery: The Coolbox battery is designed to power the speakers and clock, LED floodlights, charge devices, and will run small power tools for a short amount of time. Having an internal battery ensures that the Coolbox is not another thing that draws power, but rather supplies it to users on demand.
  • Retractable cord: Having a retractable power cord makes the Coolbox incredibly convenient for charging and for utilizing the “pass-through” power feature. Rather than dragging around a tangled extension cord separately, the Coolbox power cord retracts neatly into a discrete storage compartment.
  • 3-way splitter: Having a pass-through power option and 3-way splitter integrated into the Coolbox makes it handy for plugging in additional tools or small appliances when power sockets are limited or out of reach. Connect Coolbox to an external power source or use its internal battery.

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