New Products Added to Roof Coating Line

EPDM Coatings announces the addition of several new products to its roof coating line, including its 97 percent volume solid EnergyMax, Bonding Primers, Rust Inhibitors and Clear-Coat specifically designed for coating skylights, brick and stucco.

EPDM Coatings provides its customers worldwide with a full range of products, including many that have been ASTM tested and CRRC rated, Miami-Dade approved, as well as NSF approved for potable water applications. These diverse additions are designed to allow contractors to pass along those options and savings to their customers.

The company offers solutions for almost all types of roofs, including built-up, modified bitumen, metal, concrete, TPO, EPDM and foam. Also, for roofs on a budget, one base coat of the aromatic polyurethane can fix most leaks, and the application can be completed after a year to get the full benefits of a system. 

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EPDM Coatings Announces Caribbean Territorial Sales Agent for Liquid Rubber

EPDM Coatings, distributor of liquid EPDM rubber for North and South America, is pleased to announce that it has approved Innovative Building Systems in Nassau Bahamas (IBS) as the territorial sales agent for the Caribbean. Over the past year through their initial marketing efforts; it was apparent that IBS is able to increase product sales and promote the product in the surrounding countries. Greg Kazmierczak, vice president of commercial sales for EPDM Coatings identified an opportunity. During the past years Mr. Kazmierczak stated his sales staff needed to turn down business due to the logistics of sending product through Miami and having customers in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and other countries wait several weeks for product to arrive. They have been looking for a strategic partner and now with the ability of IBS to stock inventory the delivery times are significantly decreased.

IBS President Guilden Gilbert states that he is committed to increasing the sales effort and invest in promotion and advertising throughout the region. In the initial projects where the Liquid EPDM was applied Mr. Gilbert stated there was an opportunity in this area of the world where other coatings would not withstand the saltwater environments. He further added there are benefits of the Liquid EPDM over standard elastomerics or acrylics and silicones. The Liquid EPDM surpassed our expectations as well as the expectations of our customers. There is nothing like it on the market and we have hopes that it will be the standard for many of the roofs throughout the Caribbean. We have made a financial commitment and have gone through the manufacturer’s certification program.

Liquid Rubber is the only Liquid EPDM Rubber in the world. Now with over a 25 year history of success it has become the choice of thousands of customers worldwide. This one coat application extends your existing roof another 18-20 years. Its success is in the chemical cross-linking that occurs allowing the Liquid EPDM to chemically fuse itself to the roofing substrate.

EPDM Coatings Announces Addition to Sales Team

EPDM Coatings has announced a new addition to its sales team. Jim Ashbrook will be responsible for developing the company’s sales within the company’s commercial/property division. Ashbrook brings to EPDM coatings more 30 years of strategic sales management, account management and field support experience in a variety of industries. Ashbrook’s experience in consultative sales will provide invaluable to EPDM Coatings’ large commercial customers.

Ashbrook’s specific experience in directing project teams in the planning, design and the implementation of projects will prove invaluable. A portion of his success to date has been in his ability to analyze customers’ business requirements and advised on application of the broad range of available products and technologies to meet these needs. He will be based in the company’s Connecticut office. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and has recently completed the manufacturer’s certification training.

EPDM Coatings Offers Product Certification Training

EPDM Coatings is offering product certification beginning March 27 and continuing throughout 2014. The training is provided free of charge and is located just outside Lancaster, Pa.

Each training session involves one day of classroom/product education followed by demonstrations and a tour of the manufacturing plant. In the afternoon, attendees apply the material, including with airless equipment.

“Once the installers are certified it allows them to provide a 10-year product warranty to our clients,” says Greg Kazmierczak, EPDM Coatings’ vice president of sales. “We spent several months researching and interviewing roofers to determine the most effective way of cultivating and disseminating leads to their roofing network.”

In addition, EPDM Coatings provides leads to its certified installers. Throughout the year, customers of EPDM Coatings contact their office looking for applicators for commercial projects throughout the U.S. The office puts customers in touch with the certified installers to negotiate the labor portion of the job. The leads are distributed equally in a territory. Audited phone calls are made to the customer to ensure follow up is completed in a timely manner. The certified installers who receive leads are asked to contact a lead within 24 hours of receiving it from EPDM Coatings’ office.