EPDM Coatings Offers Product Certification Training

EPDM Coatings is offering product certification beginning March 27 and continuing throughout 2014. The training is provided free of charge and is located just outside Lancaster, Pa.

Each training session involves one day of classroom/product education followed by demonstrations and a tour of the manufacturing plant. In the afternoon, attendees apply the material, including with airless equipment.

“Once the installers are certified it allows them to provide a 10-year product warranty to our clients,” says Greg Kazmierczak, EPDM Coatings’ vice president of sales. “We spent several months researching and interviewing roofers to determine the most effective way of cultivating and disseminating leads to their roofing network.”

In addition, EPDM Coatings provides leads to its certified installers. Throughout the year, customers of EPDM Coatings contact their office looking for applicators for commercial projects throughout the U.S. The office puts customers in touch with the certified installers to negotiate the labor portion of the job. The leads are distributed equally in a territory. Audited phone calls are made to the customer to ensure follow up is completed in a timely manner. The certified installers who receive leads are asked to contact a lead within 24 hours of receiving it from EPDM Coatings’ office.

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