BluSky Supports More Than 130 Charities Nationwide in 2023

BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC recorded its highest annual charitable giving in 2023 in conjunction with partners, friends and vendors. BluSky collected and donated over $777,000 to more than 130 nonprofit organizations across the nation, company officials reported today.

The firm’s total charitable giving grew from 2022 to 2023 through a variety of large fundraising events, presence in new geographical markets, and local donations. A few notable large events included Clays For Kids in Denver, benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs, Clays For A Cause in Long Beach, supporting Generate Hope, and the Lyle Rakers Golf Classic in St. Louis, contributing to ALS research at the Miller Lab at Washington University.

“Philanthropy and the people behind BluSky Restoration Contractors naturally go together,” said Drew Bisping, BluSky CEO. “We’re fully committed to the children, families and communities that are served by these organizations we support.”

In addition to monetary contributions, BluSky personnel devoted substantial volunteer hours to nonprofits through its annual Day of Giving in November. Employees companywide spent the day before Thanksgiving volunteering with over 60 charities in their local communities. Among the many diverse activities were supporting Veterans and young children, giving time and resources to local food banks, and cooking, cleaning, and performing general labor to improve various community facilities. BluSky has plans to increase volunteer hours, funds raised, and geographical outreach as we move forward and grow.

“The heart of BluSky is restoring lives and communities. The BluSky teams volunteered over 47,000 hours of service in 2023 – and we don’t plan to slow down any time soon. We are very fortunate as a company, we have tremendous people here, and for me, we have a responsibility to give back,” Bisping added.

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