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BP Canada launches an innovative line of nature-inspired, multi-toned shingles called Signature.

BP Canada launches an innovative line of nature-inspired, multi-toned shingles called Signature. The new shingles feature timeless colors, developed by BP Canada’s breakthrough Chroma Color Lab, that can be blended together to deliver unprecedented looks and patterns. Behind their breathtaking appearance, the shingles incorporate the latest technological advances, delivering top performance and maximum protection overhead.

“The Signature line brings new life and a modern twist to traditional shingles, which have barely seen a change in tints in decades,” said BP Canada Marketing Director Nathalie Lambert.

Available in a range of beautiful colors — 12 offered in the east and 10 in the west to cater to different regional consumer preferences — the shingles’ uber-natural shades are inspired by fine food, travel and nature. Colors in eastern regions, for example, feature hues such as Mesquite, Cumin, Quinoa, Muskoka, Soho, Fjord and Arabica, while western shades include Rye, Fiji, Edinburgh, Manhattan, Stetson, Jasper and Oregon — all conjuring up images of the sites, smells and tastes of their namesakes, from complex, nuanced blacks and greys to multi-toned browns and neutrals.

Elevating the color offering is BP Chroma Color Lab’s proprietary new Profusio design patterns, which create customized roofing by combining selected Signature shades. With four unique patterns currently available — and more to come in the future – Profusio merges two shingle colors and alternates them over successive rows to create a third color that produces a complementary or contrasting visual effect. 

The result is an expression of people’s unique sense of style, Lambert explained, calling the concept “roofing by design.”

“Home decor – both interior and exterior – is an expression of people’s personalities,” she said. “Now, we’re giving homeowners a first-of-its-kind opportunity to affix their signature to their roofs with unique natural looks that set their properties apart and blend into a home’s facade like never before.” 

On the performance side, Signature shingles provide superior protection against blow-offs and wind-driven rain thanks to their high resistance to nail pull-through and innovative Weather-Tite Plus Technology featuring the Hurricane Band. They come with a standard wind warranty of 220 km/h, typically associated with category 4 hurricanes.

With an FM 4473 Class 3 impact resistance rating for long-term protection against the elements, the shingles resist hail the size of golf balls.

The product is available in Canada and the United States. 

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