Stormseal Announces Affinity Program With Alacrity Solutions

Stormseal, the storm response solution that provides powerful protection to homes and buildings until permanent repairs can be made, announced that it is now part of the Affinity Program with Alacrity Contractor Network. 

“We are continuing to expand our relationships with organizations that serve the needs of insurance companies and their policyholders,” explained Matthew Lennox, CEO of Stormseal. “Alacrity’s network of contractors will now have access to exclusive discounts through this new Affinity Program.”

Alacrity Contractors are damage response specialists who will now be able to offer Stormseal protection to homes and buildings following severe weather events or other disasters. This solution will protect structures far better than tarps, which flap and blow away in the wind, resulting in additional damage and losses. By using Stormseal, Alacrity Contractors can now deliver the highest customer satisfaction following a damage claim on a property. 

Interested contractors can schedule their certification training either in-person at the Stormseal training centers in Mulberry, Florida; Mukwonago, Wisconsin; or Raleigh North Carolina; or they can take advantage of the new mobile training offered throughout the southeastern United States. The certification program is designed to educate workers, delivering the knowledge and skills needed to safely install Stormseal in any height situation on both commercial and residential structures. 

Once certified, contractors automatically receive 10 percent off their start-up kit, 10 percent off regular orders and a 15-percent discount when ordering a pallet of 25 rolls or more. 

Stormseal has protected more than 4,000 properties in the United States and over 9,000 internationally. Waterproof, able to withstand hail and 100 mile per hour winds, Stormseal is the smart choice for temporary protection.

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Stormseal is a strong polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged structure and stays put until permanent repairs are made. When Stormseal is installed on a damaged roof or wall, the application of heat shrinks the film, enhancing its strength and ensuring a perfect fit to the structure, without damaging any underlying materials. 

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