Updated Pump Jack and Ladder Jack Scaffold Safety Systems

WorkSafe Company

WorkSafe Company, a sister company of Safety Hoist Company, announces that their one-of-a-kind fall protection systems for pump jack and ladder jack scaffolding have received significant updates. They can now easily be transported in any pickup truck, panel, or cargo van. They even store in less space than your typical extension ladder.

WorkSafe’s systems are the only fall arrest solution for common ladder jack scaffolds and pump jack scaffolds. These are the most common forms of scaffolding used on residential and commercial siding, windows, and other types of exterior construction.

“WorkSafe’s fall arrest systems and guardrails have always filled a huge need in the industry,” said WorkSafe and Safety Hoist Company Executive Vice President Mike Dell. “Now they can be shipped, stored, and travel conveniently from jobsite to jobsite.”

WorkSafe has kitted its three core systems: one for ladder jacks, one for pump jacks, and a guardrail system for roofers. The most significant change to the system centers around its guardrail beam – a crucial part of all three systems.

Previously, the company sold the guardrail as a one-piece, 21-foot part. With the WorkSafe redesign, the guardrail now assembles in three 7-foot sections, making it significantly easier to transport to and from jobs.

“Our goal is to provide jobsite personnel with a functional way to work and tie off on pump jack and ladder jack scaffolding,” Dell said. “WorkSafe’s simple, safe, and affordable product line solves these common jobsite problems and makes for a safer workplace.”

For more information, visit www.worksafecompany.com.

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