Accelerate Cash Flow By Collecting Payments in the Field

NetSecure Payments Inc.'s TradeRouteNetSecure Payments Inc.'s TradeRoute

NetSecure Payments Inc.'s TradeRoute

NetSecure Payments Inc.’s TradeRoute

NetSecure Payments Inc., a provider of mobile payment processing services, has launched its TradeRoute payment acceptance service designed to accelerate cash flow for contractors and service professionals.

Unlike other solution providers that provide a fixed and limited set of payment services targeted at a general market, TradeRoute provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the workflows of service professionals. Including unique features like remote check deposit; mobile PIN debit; and online tools for pre-payments, deposits, recurring payments, and online invoice payments, TradeRoute stands apart from the pack.

TradeRoute’s key advantage is that it runs on the smartphones and tablets that service professionals already have in their pockets. No additional hardware is required, keeping upfront costs to a minimum. Transactions are fully secured and encrypted, so employees can safely collect payment while out in the field. Check payments are also fully guaranteed, reducing the headache of collecting on bounced checks.

The developers understand the need for accelerated payment options, especially in businesses where service is provided before payment. TradeRoute promises to dramatically reduce the time spent chasing receivables, so business owners can focus more on growing their business and less on managing cash flow.

TradeRoute also has a private label program and a developer SDK, allowing third parties to quickly leverage TradeRoute payments into their existing payment ecosystem. TradeRoute supports iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry environments.

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