Planning, Execution and Quality Products Add Up to Successful Project

Located in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Oak View Elementary is home to about 550 students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Oak View Elementary’s mission is to provide a positive, safe learning environment where students can become more independent and self-confident. But in 2020, the school’s roof was old and worn out, and leaks were becoming more and more common.

There were two existing roofs on the structure, and both had outlived their useful lives. The top roof layer was an insulated PVC assembly that had been installed over an existing coal tar pitch roof. The PVC roof was about 20 years old, and the age of the coal tar roof was unknown.

There were three different roof areas and a few internal courtyards. A metal panel wall would need to be trimmed to allow for proper/warrantable flashing heights.

At Oak View Elementary, two roof systems had to be removed before 64,956 square feet of a new EPDM system from Versico could be installed. Photos: Versico

Combined Roofing Services was selected to complete the Oak View Elementary re-roofing project. Since 1891, the professionals at Combined Roofing Services have been installing and maintaining commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing systems for clients all over the greater Chicagoland region.

For the Oak View Elementary project, the Combined team suggested tearing off both existing roofs down to the deck, then installing a fully adhered EPDM single-ply system with two layers of polyiso insulation and a cover board. While there were multiple manufacturers specified, Versico Roofing Systems provided the right combination of quality and value for this project.

Installation Process

The project began with Combined Roofing Services tearing off the two existing roofs down to the metal deck. A layer of 2.6-inch VersiCore Polyiso was mechanically fastened to the deck, then a second layer of 2.6-inch polyiso was adhered using Flexible DASH Adhesive. The crew then installed DensDeck Prime cover board over the two layers of polyiso using Flexible DASH, a low-rise, two-component, VOC-free adhesive. Finally, they installed 60-mil black VersiGard EPDM using Versico Bonding Adhesive and flashed the details using Versico prefabricated flashing accessories. Versico 2-inch rubber pavers were installed to protect the EPDM membrane in areas exposed to repetitive foot traffic.

“The Versico system was very straightforward to install, but there were challenges due to the bottom layer of roofing having been re-covered without the gravel being removed. So, the tear-off wasn’t clean or easy,” says J.J. Matthews of Combined Roofing Services. “Our foreman, Nick Davis, provided a perfect installation on a challenging project, given the two-roof tear off and all the debris,”

“I was really impressed with Combined Roofing’s attention to detail, skilled workforce, and commitment to safety,” says Dan Schmidt, a Versico Representative for ComStruct Sales, LLC. “It all added up to a high-quality installation.”


Roofing Contractor: Combined Roofing Services, West Chicago, Illinois,


Membrane: 60-mil VersiGard EPDM, Versico,

Insulation: 2.6-inch VersiCore Polyiso, Versico

Cover Board: DensDeck Prime, Georgia-Pacific,

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