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Water Seal Waterproofing Treatment for Use on Brick and Concrete

New Mortar Sentry Water Seal waterproofing treatment from Mule-Hide Products Co. produces a water-repellant surface on masonry and concrete, extending the service lives of chimneys, walls and other surfaces. Mortar Sentry is designed for use on alkaline materials, including brick, mortar, … [Read More...]

New Insulation Offers High Thermal Efficiency, Minimal Thickness

Kingspan OPTIM-R is a next-generation insulation comprising rigid vacuum insulation panels (VIP) with a microporous core, which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight envelope to give outstanding R-values and an ultra-thin insulation solution. According to the manufacturer, the high … [Read More...]

New Sealant and Waterproofing Membrane Designed for Durability, Sustainability

Chem Link launches two new products: NOVALINK FP, a flash and patch mastic product, and NOVALINK WM, a waterproofing membrane. NOVALINK FP will be available in a 10.1 oz. cartridge and NOVALINK WM will be available in two- or five-gallon pails. NOVALINK FP is a high-quality, moisture-curing … [Read More...]

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